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Avatar Adi Da Samraj
Everyone transmits. All of you are transmitters. Each one of you emits invisible forces. These forces are locked up in your limited messages, and they reinforce the same limitations in others . . . Realizers of one or another degree of Spiritual development likewise by nature spontaneously Transmit what they are. . . . Those less evolved Transmit their Realization, and those more evolved Transmit their Realization.

Everything transmits. The stones transmit, the sky does, the TV does. Since everything and everyone transmits states of existence, since life, or existence itself, is participation in transmissions of all kinds, the best thing you can do is to associate with the greatest possible Transmission. . . .

You become what you meditate on.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Just as modern physics describes light from two viewpoints as waves and as particles so spiritual understanding is based on a view of the universe as both physical and psychic; the cosmos is multi-dimensional, and psycho-physical: matter, energy, and Consciousness. It is useful, even essential, to spiritual growth, to be able to understand our relationship to everything both in physical terms (see Avatar Adi Da Samraj's The Divine Physics of Evolution for a wonderful elaboration) and psychic terms.

When devotees sit before the Spiritual Master (or His photograph in the meditation hall, or His image in their mind's eye, or simply the feeling of Him), what is going on is usefully described using both a physical metaphor the metaphor of transmission and a psychic description the relationship between the Spiritual Master and the devotee. Yes, the Guru's body is indeed a doorway to the Divine, a gateway to the Ultimate Dimension, transparent to the degree that that one has transcended ego. But the process of "tuning in" on the transmission pouring through that human doorway is not merely mechanical, like turning a radio to the right station (although there are technical aspects to it), but also involves a devotional relationship to the Spiritual Master, that is human (because the Spiritual Master is actually alive in human form), Spiritual (because the Spiritual Presence of the Master pervades the entire universe), and Transcendental (because the ultimate form of the Divine Master stands prior to space and time in "eternity", to use a traditional term).

Like the way we effortlessly respond to an attractive man or woman, or a gorgeous day but more so the Master's Transmission attracts the devotee; it is Blissful; it is Happiness; it is Delight. The devotee wants to be around the Master all the time, to be intoxicated by the Master's Transmission; in short, the true devotee falls in love with the Master. And the Transmission is not just a communication of energy but of Reality itself. In other words, it is revelatory, and over time, the true nature of everything is revealed more and more: who the Spiritual Master really is, and what the entire world and self is ultimately. Through persistent devotional practice, the devotee ultimately realizes exactly what the Spiritual Master has realized: that there is only God, that separate "beings" and "things" are not ultimately real in themselves, and that separation altogether is not ultimately real. The Ultimate State is one of most perfect non-separation. This realization God-Realization coincides with perfect, lasting, and infinite Happiness. Hence it is the only completely effective address to mortality.

The starting point of that devotional practice is contemplation of the Master's bodily human form, based on having already felt and recognized, to some fundamental degree, What is being transmitted through the Master's form, and constantly "re-tuning in" again. Because the transmission through the Master's body can be "tuned in" through any representation of it as well, photographic Murtis are a wonderful gift in facilitating the practice of Divine contemplation.

The functions of spiritual life take place in the form of a relationship! It is the relationship between the devoted disciple and the Siddha-Guru. It doesn't take place at the level of some philosophy or some technique that you apply to yourself. It is a relationship and it appears only where it is alive, where it is actually functioning in life. Therefore, many of the same functions that exist between lovers exist between Guru and disciple.

If I never thought of you, I would have very little opportunity to live this relationship to you and to intensify it. This relationship could never take place if the only time I ever contacted you was when I happened to be in the same room with you. I must think of you. I have thought of you many times since I saw you last. Just so, I expect you to think of Me.

For these reasons, the disciple always thinks of the Guru. It is a necessary aspect of their relationship. This thinking of the Guru, or even sitting in Satsang by means of the contemplation of the Guru's picture, all such things are very natural, homely, human, and real things to do. . .

If you sit down for meditation without being aware of your Guru, then you are meditating out of Satsang. There is no genuine meditation, no useful meditation, except in the Condition of Satsang, the conscious awareness of one's Guru and the Condition of relationship to one's Guru. There is a characteristic presence that one senses. The Presence of the Guru is not felt or assumed visually. This Presence transcends the Guru's picture, or even the Guru's physical form.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

During My life and after My death, devotees may continue to use My photographs as points of contact with Me, but they should know that it is only truly contact with the unqualified Divine.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da SamrajI am Present in a Form that is established in every dimension of conditionality. Therefore, for those who are bound to the body's point of view, I Appear bodily. For those who are bound more subtly, in the subtler reaches of mind, My Spiritual (and Always Blessing) Presence is also Revealed (and My Spiritual, Always Blessing, Presence Pervades those realms). Therefore, in the Way of Adidam, sadhana [spiritual practice] is Given as a Gift, by Me. Altogether, the sadhana is made possible by Grace. And it is made simple and direct, not a matter of self-concern, but simply a matter of the feeling-Contemplation of Me in the context of your own tendency of attention. By means of this constant feeling-Contemplation, you will be purified of the tendencies of attention, first bodily, then more and more in mind, until equanimity (of the total body-mind) is established and attention can be relinquished in its Inherently Perfect (and Perfectly Subjective) Source. That (at last) is the "Perfect Practice" of the Way of Adidam.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da SamrajMy Divine Form Is the "Bright", the Love-Bliss-Form That you can feel tangibly Touching you, Surrounding you, Moving in you, Making all kinds of changes. That Is My Divine Body. I can Manifest It anywhere, and Do, all the time. I Manifest My Self. My True Body, My Eternal Body Is the "Bright" Itself, My Force of Person. This physical Body here Is My Murti, My Agent. This physical Body is utterly Conformed to Me, My "Bright" Divine Body, but this physical Body is Itself made of the elements, and associated with subtle faculties, and all the rest. This physical Body, as I Said, Is My Murti, My Agent. It is temporary. I am using It for the Purpose of My Self-Revelation and for Instructing the world, but, even when this physical Body is no longer animated, I will Be Bodily Present Forever. My Divine Body will Exist Forever. Therefore, My devotees will be able to experience Me directly, Bodily My "Bright" Body, My Very Person Forever. The principal form of contact with Me is through feeling and through this tangible but inexplicable Touch. It even has a form to it that may be sensed in a touch-like manner, subtly, not otherwise being perceived by any of the senses. I call My own Divine Body "the 'Bright'". That does not mean you will necessarily see it as "Brightness", but you might see it in some light-form. But even if you are simply feeling Me, experiencing My Tangible Touch, you still know what I mean when I call My Divine Body "the 'Bright'", because It Is Full and Radiant, Love-Blissful, Infinitely Expansive. It has all the qualities of brightness.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Wherever your attention lies without confusion, that is what you realize. If you will give Me your attention, through feeling-Contemplation of Me, if you will gravitate toward Me in every moment, so that all your desiring, even your inevitability, becomes superficial, then whatever quality arises from moment to moment will be truly superficial. Its impact will be lost. It will not create egoic reaction it will create heat only. The tendency will be frustrated, and instead you will meditate on the fire, which is your attention to Me. If you will fulfill the discipline I Give you for the sake of your Divine Liberation, then your attention to Me from hour to hour will become more fiery, more intense, more loving, more sacrificial, more absurd, less and less the character you are born to be and live and die.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

There is one Law: You become what you meditate on. This Law summarizes the Process whereby I become your unique Advantage. As My devotee, although you perceive beings and things and phenomena of all kinds, you are in Communion with Me. As My devotee, you are concentrated in Me. In the midst of all that arises, you constantly give your attention to Me through your practice of the Way of the Heart. When you Contemplate Me with devotion, you are Contemplating the Divine Reality, Which is Full, Perfect. When you feelingly-Contemplate Me, you are Contemplating the complete Divine Revelation.

Therefore, I Am your unique Advantage. Simply by your feeling-Contemplation of Me in all the moments of conditional existence, the total Spiritual Process may be activated in you, by Grace, and then the advanced and the ultimate stages of life in the Way of the Heart will be spontaneously manifested in you, not by your self-consciously duplicating the signs of each of those stages but merely by your entering into Communion with Me.

To the degree you are reluctant to Contemplate Me with full feeling-devotion, to the degree you stand aloof in your egoic self, your participation in Me is limited and, therefore, you struggle through the evolutionary stages of life, very much involved in your egoic self.

I Am your Advantage, not because I Give you a process that you can apply to yourself successfully if you bear down and give it enough effort I do not but because I Offer you a relationship with Me. Satsang with Me, Communion with Me, makes the process of the Way of the Heart unique and capable of fulfillment instantly. Instantly. Directly. In actual practice, of course, some time is involved, typically because of the limitations in your devotion to Me. However, when I Speak of the Way of the Heart, I am not Speaking of your continued conditional reappearances ad infinitum. I am Speaking of a Process that may be fulfilled even in this lifetime if you will truly use your Advantage with full understanding of what your relationship with Me is all about, its significance fully Revealed to you. In that case, your practice of the Way of the Heart is simply to Contemplate Me with full heart-feeling. Then the various dimensions of My Sign will appear to you in vision, or natural realization, spontaneously, and your devotional life will be full, not by your effort but by My Grace.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Avatar Adi Da SamrajThis (My) Body (or bodily human Form) Is the Teaching. My Wisdom-Teaching was Spoken through It. My Wisdom-Teaching refers to many processes, all of which have taken place in the context of this Body. Nothing has been Spoken to you, nothing has been Taught to you, through This Body that has not been experienced by this One, in this Body. All of it has been tested and proven in this Body. Nothing has been Spoken to you that has not been tested and proven in this Body, and by this One altogether, in and beyond this Body. Therefore, this One, bodily (in bodily human Form), is the Teaching. The Teaching Word is a Communication through this Body. The summary of My Wisdom-Teaching is before your eyes, and It need not be thought about.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj

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